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Accessories for the CD-77 Peak Voltage/DVA Meter


34-056 Hard Case - Protective blow-molded case for the CD-77. Handle on CD-77 locks it firmly inside the case, yet it's easy to remove if needed. Plenty of room for tester leads, jumpers, terminal extenders, and PL-88. Approx. Dim: 8.25 x 7 x 3 in.


PL-88 Pack Load Resistor - The PL-88 is required for output tests with the CD-77 or PVA-1 on many 1988 and later Johnson-Evinrude packs.


TS-77 Terminal Extenders - Insert where pack wire connects to coil to provide a test access point. One TS-77 is a set of four.


35-009 Amphenol Jumper Kit - Set of five different colored jumpers to bridge male & female Amphenol connectors. Two jumpers have "piggy-back" terminals for test prod insertion.


PC2 Test Clips - Convert standard test prods to clips. High-quality clips and flexible wires help prevent prod from leveraging clip off of test point. Set of 2.

CD-77 Accessories

PriceFrom $10.00
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